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Ann Elizabet Colonna

Ann Colonna received her B.S. degree in Biochemistry in 1997 from the University of Arizona and followed that with a culinary degree from the Culinary School of the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado and Provence, France. She continued her education at the University of California, Davis where she earned an M.S. degree with Dr. Ann Noble in Sensory Food Science in 2001 focusing on methods to mask the carry-over effects in the mouth from the astringency in wine. 

Ann is currently in her 21st year at the Food Innovation Center in Portland, Oregon, an off-campus Oregon State University Experiment Station, where she serves as the Sensory Program Director. She assists industry clients with sensory and consumer testing and collaborates in mission-oriented research designed to advance Northwest agriculture and food products. Recent work includes: consumer attitudes and defining market acceptance of U.S. grown tea; cross cultural green tea acceptance studies in the USA/Japan; cross cultural barley tea/kombucha studies in the USA/Korea/Spain; segmenting consumers based on food choice motivations and product benefit expectations involving kombucha; analyzing marketing messages and consumer acceptance of Oregon Pinot Noir wine; testing the product choice overload effect of IPA craft beer in stores; evaluating consumer acceptability of new Northwest pear, blueberry and strawberry varietals, among others.



Ann Colonna1997年在亞利桑那大學取得生物化學學士學位,並在科羅拉多州博爾德和法國普羅旺斯的Culinary School of the Rockies取得烹飪學位。之後,她在加州大學戴維斯分校繼續深造,於2001年師從Ann Noble博士獲得感官食品科學碩士學位,專注於研究如何掩蓋葡萄酒單寧在口腔中的殘留效應。


現今,Ann已在俄勒岡州波特蘭的Food Innovation Center任職21年,該中心是俄勒岡州立大學實驗站的分支機構,她擔任感官計畫主管。她協助行業客戶進行感官和消費者測試,並合作進行旨在推進西北地區農業和食品產品的使命導向研究。最近的工作包括:消費者對美國種植茶葉的態度和市場接受度的定義;在美國/日本進行跨文化綠茶接受度研究;在美國/韓國/西班牙進行跨文化大麥茶/康寶茶研究;基於食品選擇動機和產品效益期望對消費者進行分組,涉及康寶茶;分析俄勒岡品酒釀酒的行銷宣傳訊息和消費者接受度;在商店中測試IPA手工啤酒的產品選擇過載效應;評估新西北梨子、藍莓和草莓品種的消費者可接受性等等。




Food Innovation Center (FIC), Oregon State University

1207 NW Naito Parkway, Portland, Oregon 97209

(503) 872-6677; [email protected]; fic.oregonstate.edu


Academic Training: 

2002       M.S. University of California, Davis Food Science (Sensory Food Science)

1998       CAC Culinary School of the Rockies       Professional Culinary Arts Program

1997       B.S. University of Arizona                       Biochemistry



2002 加州大學戴維斯分校 碩士學位 食品科學(感官食品科學)

1998 CAC 烹飪學校(Rockies 專業烹飪藝術課程

1997 亞利桑那大學 學士學位 生物化學


Research and Professional Experience:

2017 -             Senior Faculty Research Assistant II, Sensory Program Director, OSU FIC

2012-2017      Senior Faculty Research Assistant I, Sensory Program Manager, OSU FIC

2002-2012      Faculty Research Assistant, Sensory Program Manager, Oregon State University

Food Innovation Center Experiment Station, (OSU FIC)

2000-2001      Graduate Research Assistant, Univ. of CA, Davis, Department of Food Science

1999-2000      Graduate Teaching Assistant, Univ. of CA, Davis, Department of Food Science



2017年至今 高級教學研究助理二級,感官計劃主任,奧勒岡州立大學食品創新中心(OSU FIC

2012-2017 高級教學研究助理一級,感官計劃經理,OSU FIC

2002-2012 教學研究助理,感官計劃經理,奧勒岡州立大學食品創新中心實驗站(OSU FIC)

2000-2001 加州大學戴維斯分校 食品科學系 研究助理

1999-2000 加州大學戴維斯分校 食品科學系 教學助理


Professional Memberships, Honors and Awards:

2021 -             OSU College of Agricultural Sciences Faculty Professional Development Award

2019 -             OSU College of Ag Sciences Leadership Development Program for Executives

2019 -             ASTM member

2018 -             Sensometric Society

2017               Outstanding Faculty Research Assistant Award, Oregon State University

2014 -             American Leadership Forum of Oregon, Class 29

2009 -              Society of Sensory Professionals

2000 -              Institute of Food Technologists (IFT), Sensory Evaluation Division (SED)



2021年至今 奧勒岡州立大學農學院教職員專業發展獎

2019 奧勒岡州立大學農學院高層領導力發展計劃

2019年至今 美國材料與試驗協會會員

2018年至今 感官測量協會會員

2017 奧勒岡州立大學傑出教學研究助理獎

2014年至今 奧勒岡州美國領袖論壇第29屆成員

2009年至今 感官專業協會會員

2000年至今 食品技術師學會(IFT),感官評估部門(SED



Professional Meetings, Symposia, Conferences, Posters:

Colonna, A. (2022) – Trade Mission to Korea and Japan with Oregon Governor Kate Brown. Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Toyama and Tsukuba, Japan. (Speaker).

Colonna, A., Maser, L, & Grabowski, W. (2022). Investigating motivations for meat consumption/ reduction relating to sustainability, environmental considerations, and demographics. 10th European Conference on Sensory and Consumer Research. Turku, Finland. (Poster).

Colonna, A., Rasor, T., & Webb, S. (2022). Applications of Sensory Science to understand seafood consumer behavior. 4th Local Catch Seafood Summit. Girdwood, AK. (Speaker).

Colonna, A., Hasenbeck, A., Jaeger, S., & Castura, J. (2019). A retail simulation study for investigating product choice and choice satisfaction: A case study involving kombucha. 13th Pangborn Sensory Science Symposium. Edinburgh, UK. (Poster).

Colonna, A., Hasenbeck, A., Jaeger, S., & Castura, J. (2019). Segmenting consumers based on food choice motivation and product benefit expectations: A case study involving Kombucha. Korean Society of Food Science and Technology International Symposium and Annual Meeting. Incheon, Korea. (Poster).

Castura, J., Colonna, A., (2019) – Consumer Choice, Not a New Nicholas Sparks Novel, Rather How We Observe and Measure Matters. Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting, New Orleans, Louisiana, (Speaker).

Colonna, A. (2019) – Chardonnay Palate Calibration for Winemakers and Growers. 2019 Jackson Winegrowers Summit, Santa Rosa, California. (Invited Speaker).

Colonna, A. (2019) - Consumer Perception of Oregon Fresh Market Strawberry Varietals. North American Strawberry Growers Association Annual Meeting, Orlando, Florida. (Speaker).

DeWitt, C., Colonna, A, (2018) – Decomposition of Seafood. Food Industry Research and Development Institute, Hsinchu, Taiwan. (Invited Speaker/Workshop).

Castura, J., Colonna, A. (2018) – Mimicking the Consumer Response. Sensometrics Annual Conference, Montevideo, Uruguay. (Invited Speaker).

Colonna, A. (2018) - Understanding Consumer Perceptions/Preferences for Frozen vs. Fresh Black cod and Coho salmon to Expand Market Opportunities for Fresh-frozen Seafood. Frozen at Sea Conference, Norwegian Seafood Council, Alesund, Norway. (Invited Speaker).

Colonna, A. (2017) – Buyer perception of Oregon Blackberry Varietals, a Fancy Food Show review. Oregon Raspberry Blackberry Commission Annual Meeting. (Speaker).

Colonna, A. (2017) – Trade Mission to Japan with Oregon Governor Kate Brown and Oregon Department of Agriculture Director Alexis Taylor, Tokyo, Japan. (Speaker).

Colonna, A. (2016) - How Consumer Research can enhance Specialty Crops. National Specialty Crop Block Grant Program Conference, Portland, OR. (Invited Speaker).

Colonna, A. (2016) Practical Applications of Sensory Science for the Cider Industry: Using Consumers to Discover Your Best Products. CiderCon Annual Conference, Portland, OR. (Invited Speaker).

Colonna, A. (2013) Working with Consumers to Define Apple Quality. XIII ENFRUTE, Campinas, Brazil. (Invited Speaker).


Grant support:

Caceu, Bogdan, Principal, Colonna, A. Supporting, “Value-Added Producer Grant Working Capital Grant/Extra Virgin Olive Oil,” Sponsored by USDA VAPG, Federal, Total $100,165.

Jones, E. Principal, Colonna, A. Supporting, “Consumer Awareness and Education of Bigleaf Maple Sap-based Foods: Sensory and Nutritional Qualities, Culinary Uses, and Product Safety,” Sponsored by USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, Federal, Total $499,837.

Zhao, Y. Principal, Colonna, A. Supporting, "Investigation of principles and technologies to stabilize fruit anthocyanin pigments for retaining integrity, nutritional and sensory qualities of processed whole fruit," Sponsored by USDA NIFA AFRI, Federal, Total $465,750.

Kwon, J. Principal, Colonna, A. E. Supporting, "Rethinking seafood by-product: A path to provide sustainable nutrition and improve resource utilization," Sponsored by Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, Private, Total $500,000.

Doyle, J. M. Principal, Colonna, A. E. Co-Principal, "Consumer Acceptability and Shelf-life Assessment of Frozen Seafood for Market Success," Sponsored by National Marine Fisheries Service’s Saltonstall-Kennedy Grant Program, Federal, Total $299,957.

Ross, C. Principal, Colonna, A. Co-Principal, “Attributes that Define Consumer Acceptance for Fresh Market Pears,” Sponsored by Washington Tree Fruit Research Commission, Total $50,000.

Farm to Food Accelerator: Energizing growth for Oregon’s Female Specialty Crop Producers, 2019. PI: Lisa Benson. Sponsored by the Oregon Department of Agriculture Specialty Crop Block Grant Program, $207,454.

Sodium Reduction in Communities, CDC-RFA-DP16-1607, 2016. PI: Jennifer Chandler, Sponsored by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, $460,000.

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